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Add-Ons & Extensions

We do not accept any liability if you download or install any of the below, this is all done at your own risk; you should check them out first before you install them on your computer.

When using browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, there are many different Add-Ons & Extensions that can be installed to allow enquiries to be carried out straight from the browser.

The following are quite useful additions to a browser, they are in no particular order and either relate to Firefox Add-ons (FF) or Google Chrome Extensions (GC) and can be located by searching the term in bold at either the (FF) Add-Ons or the (GC) Extensions site.

We have also started to put other useful utilities on this site, including Windows Desktop Apps (WA).

If you know of any other useful Add-Ons, Extensions or Desktop Apps that are not shown below, then please email us and we will try to include them.

Archived & Cached Pages          Anonymizers          Chatrooms

Domains, WhoIs & IP Addresses          Email Tracer          Facebook          Odd Ones

Password Protection          Photo EXIF Data          Privacy Protectors

Reverse Image Searches          Screengrabs & Similar          Shortened URL's Addresses

Social Networking Related          Video Downloaders          Webpage Date & Time

Website Monitoring         

Archived & Cached Pages
(FF) Resurrect Pages & (FF) Google Cache & (FF) Gcache+ & (GC) Wayback Lookup &
(GC) Web Cache
lets you easily link straight to an archived or cached copy of a web page

(FF) AnonymoX & (GC) AnonymoX
access country restricted sites, such as google & tv sites, by changing your country of origin

(FF) Hide My IP & (GC) Hide My IP
free for 30 day trial, giving you access to country restricted sites, such as google & tv sites, by changing your country of origin

(FF) Hola & (GC) Hola
access country restricted sites, such as tv sites, by changing your country of origin

(FF) Hide My Ass & (GC) Hide My Ass
surf the web without leaving your footprint

(FF) User-Agent Switcher & (FF) Random Agent Spoofer
alter your online footprint

(FF) Chatzilla
a clean, easy-to-use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client

Domains, WhoIs & IP Addresses
(FF) DT Whois & (GC) DomainTools WhoIs & (GC) Whois (by Cyclone)
displays the whois information from domaintools

(FF) WorldIP
displays the IP information of the page you are on and the IP footprint you are showing

(GC) Site Geo IP Locator
displays the IP address of current web site and geo-location on the map

(GC) Domain Details
shows server's IP address, country flag, software, headers, and provides links to whois reports

Email Tracer
(FF) Rapportive & (GC) Rapportive
really useful tool for locating someone's email address from www.rapportive.com and explained Here & Here and This Google spreadsheet will help

(GC) FullContact for Gmail
really useful tool for locating someone's linked details when using your gmail account from www.fullcontact.com

(GC) PictureMate
PictureMate is a Chrome extension that will automatically search for "photos of" a Facebook account holder

(GC) Facebook Image Zoom & Downloader
view or download a zoomed high resolution images on Facebook without loading a new page

Odd Ones
(FF) OutWit Hub
contains dozens of recognition & extraction features to view information on a website

(FF) Add-on Compatibility Reporter
enables incompatible add-ons following a Firefox upgrade

(FF) RightToClick
stops javascript annoyances such as forbidden right click or forbidden text selection

Password Protection
(FF) LastPass & (GC) LastPass
LastPass is an award-winning password manager, which saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. There are a number of useful vidoeos on YouTube at Here, Here & Here

Photo EXIF Data
(FF) Exif Viewer & (GC) Exif Viewer
displays the Exif and IPTC data in JPEG images on a website

Privacy Protectors
(FF) Ghostery & (GC) Ghostery
see who's tracking your web browsing when you visit a web page

(FF) DoNotTrackMe & (GC) DoNotTrackMe
protects your privacy by blocking on-line tracking

(FF) Click&Clean & (GC) Click&Clean
deletes your browsing history and traces of your on-line activity to protect your privacy

(FF) MaskMe & (GC) MaskMe create disposable email addresses, phone numbers and credit cards with MaskMe

(FF) User Agent Switcher
User Agent Switcher extension adds a menu & toolbar button allowing you to alter your footprint

(FF) Start Page Site
search the internet with a degree of privacy

(FF) Self Destructing Cookies
gets rid of a sites cookies as soon as you close its tabs

Reverse Image Searches
(FF) Search By Image & (FF) Reverse Image Search & (GC) RevEye Reverse Image Search
Reverse Image Search on multiple sites, including Google, Yandex, Bing, TinEye, Baidu, Haosou and Sougou

(FF) Who Stole My Pictures
Reverse Image Search on TinEye, Google, Yandex, very useful to find out where an image came from and/or where it is also being used

(FF) TinEye Reverse Image Search & (GC) TinEye Reverse Image Search
(& available for Internet Explorer @ TinEye)
find out where an image came from and/or where it is also being used

Screengrabs & Similar
(FF) Scrapbook & Scrapbook Plus
helps you to save web pages and organise the collection. There is a long but very useful explanatory PDF Here

(GC) Scrapbook for SingleFile
lets you archive pages

(FF) FireShot & (GC) FireShot
(& available for Internet Explorer @ Softpedia)
FireShot is an add-on that allows you to create screenshots of web pages

(FF) Screen Capture Elite
Screen Capture Elite is an add-on that allows you to create screenshots of web pages

(FF) Screengrab (fix version)
Screengrab will capture what you can see in the window, the entire page or just a selection

(GC) Screen Capture (by Google)
capture the visible content of a web page or the whole page as a PNG image

Shortened URL's / Addresses
(FF) LongURLPlease & (GC) LongURL
replaces a short URL with the original full version, so you can see where a link is actually taking you

(GC) Google URL Shortener
goo.gl url shortener is an extension which allows you to shorten the current website URL with the Google URL shortener service

Social Networking Related
(GC) SecretBook
a steganography tool for hiding secret messages within photos on Facebook

(FF) Identify & (GC) Falcon
can be used to identify other web identities for an individual across social network & media sites

(GC) Facebook Disconnect
Facebook Disconnect prevents tracking by Facebook and other social networks who are notified whenever you visit one of the more than one million sites on the web that use Facebook Connect

(WA) Social Live Videos
Social Live Videos is a Windows app for locating live and recent broadcast videos from Facebook & Periscope via a global map

Video Downloaders
(FF) Video Download Helper
an extension that lets you easily download audio & video from various on-line sites

(FF) 1-Click YouTube Video Download
an extension that lets you easily download a video from YoueTube

(FF) Download Youtube Video
an extension that lets you easily download a video from YoueTube

Webpage Date & Time
Not an add-on or extension but we demonstrate this on our course, so if you want to save this feature to your Favorites or Bookmarks right click on Web Page Date and then click on "Add To Favorites" in Internet Explorer or "Bookmark This Link" in Firefox. Or just left click on the Web Page Date link and then drag to your Favorites bar

Website Monitoring
(FF) Test Site For Me
allows you to check if websites HTTP & FTP service are running, so to see if a site is down just for you or its down globally

(FF) Distill Web Monitor (formerly AlertBox)
track changes in web pages and get alerts for important changes

(GC) Page Monitor
stays in the background and monitors web pages for changes