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Domain Names & IP Addresses

Although you should be able to work out who I am, I don't really care,
as I can work out who you are. So beware of leaving footprints.

There is an interesting article about IP Addresses from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada Here


Powered by IP2Location.com

Some other IP Locators
iplocation.net/ whatismyipaddress.com

And for IPv6
subnetonline.com ultratools.com tcpiputils.com

Whois Domain Registration Details
Checkout the whois Registration Details on a Domain Name or Turn an IP Address Around with one of the other following sites;


These May Help

centralops.net    geektools.com    tcpiputils.com    viewdns.info

Or These May Help             Or Even These May Help

Check For Linked Domains

Easy Space    123-Reg    iwantmyname.com    net2

Reverse Whois On E-Mail Addresses

whoismind.com    whoisology.com    domainbigdata.com    viewdns.info

Other Whois Domain Registration Details

Nominet    Domain Registry IE    channelisles.net    EUR ID

europeregistry.com    network-tools.com    domaintyper.com    domaincrawler.com

Network Solutions    Internic    Whois.Net Registry

101 Domain    dot mobi domains

To send a complaint to Nominet about a .uk domain name which is incorrectly opted out of the public WhoIs database;


To check-out the whowas / whois history registration details of a Domain Name you can get some information from these sites;

Domain Tools Whowas    Domain History    whoisology.com

The Five Regional Internet Registries;

www.arin.net - American Registry for Internet Numbers
www.apnic.net - Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
www.afrinic.net - African Network Information Center
www.lacnic.net - Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry
www.ripe.net - Reseaux IP Europeans Network Coordination Centre

Internal Network IP Addresses

When tracing an email you need to identify the originating IP Address and then sites like DomainTools & InfoSniper can be used to help show to who & where that IP Address is registered.

The following groups of IP Addresses are the IPv4 address ranges which are reserved for private networks; - - - -

Also the following IPv4 addresses are reserved for localhost communication; -

And the following IPv4 addresses which are reserved for IANA Multicast Addressing / Special Use; -

Some sites where you can see what websites are hosted on a shared server, not perfect but may help;

yougetitsignal.com my-ip-neighbors.com robtex.com Webhosting.Info