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Social Networking Sites


recruitin.net google.com linkedin.com

East European Related - OK

ok.ru google.com

East European Related - VK

vk.com yomapic.com dredown.com

Polish - NK


Latvian - Draugiem

draugiem.lv google.com

Muslim Related - My MFB

mymfb.com google.com

Muslim Related - My Muslim Page

mymuslimpage.com google.com

Translation Sites

yandex.com stars21.com parstranslator.net

Re-United Sites
www.forcesreunited.org.uk - UK Armed Services Reunited
www.servicepals.com - a new UK Armed Services social networking site
www.nursesreconnected.com - UK Nurses Reconnected

Other Sites Popular In The UK
www.bebo.com - once popular in the UK, aimed at younger people
www.faceparty.com - once popular in the UK
www.flixster.com - once popular with people who like films
www.hi5.com - once popular around the world
www.linkedin.com - popular international business related site
www.myspace.com - once popular site
www.netlog.com - once popular around the world
www.wayn.com - still seems popular with people who travel & holiday a lot

Other Sites Popular Around The World
www.vk.com - a Russian take on Facebook, not only popular with people from Eastern Europe
www.vk.com - the search page for VK, so you don't have to log-in
www.ok.ru - another useful Russian / East European site, requires an avccount to search but can be accessed via google advanced search
www.weibo.com - Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website, a bit like Twitter
www.foursquare.com - foursquare is a location-based social networking website with software for mobile devices
www.reunion.com - like friends reunited but American
www.mymuslimpage.com - muslim social networking group, not used much nowadays
www.mymfb.com - My Muslim Friends Book, mostly private pages but still some useful stuff
www.mymfb.com - My Muslim Friends Book, search page for groups, not people
www.blackplanet.com - blackplanet is the largest black website in the world
www.nk.pl - a bit like a Polish Friends Reunited

Others Sites Of Interest
www.wikipedia.org - a fuller list of social networking sites around the world
www.accountkiller.com - provides instructions on how to remove your account or public profile on most popular websites
www.whoishostingthis.com - an article titled "Social Media Privacy for Teachers" but seems relevant & useful
www.tagged.com - social networking site popular in American and the West Indies
www.48ers.com - a search tool for content on the popular social networking sites
www.whotalking.com - check out real time results of Who's Talking about searched words on a number of different Social Media sites

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