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Courses On Open Source Intelligence And
Using The Internet & Social Media As An Investigative Tool

If you think that just by letting your staff have some access to the internet so they can Google things, means that they are using the internet as an investigative tool then you and they are missing out on a world full of information and their investigations may not be as thorough as needed and may actually be compromised.

There are many items that make up Open Source Intelligence and we are able to provide a full training course giving those attending a practical knowledge & working experience of a number of issues including;

1 - The Use Of Open Source Intelligence In Investigations
This will give delegates an understanding of the different types of situation and incidents where accessing information from various online resources has assisted in their investigation and how these techniques can also be used against them.

It will also introduce the definition of Open Source Intelligence and the different areas on the internet where it can be accessed.

2 - Advanced Searching Techniques, Search Engines & Meta Search Engines
Without knowing how to search properly the internet can never be fully utilised; so by showing delegates how to use the Advanced Search Techniques and then by giving them a chance to use these techniques in practical scenarios we can get people to quickly become much more effective on-line investigators.

This is then built on by providing delegates with an understanding of how search engines function, some of the different search engines available to them, along with the use of meta search engines and search engine utilities.

3 - The Structure Of The Internet, Domain Name Registration & Website Investigations
This will demonstrate to delegates how the internet that we have now has developed and is governed and give them an opportunity to undertake practical scenarios into using the demonstrated investigative techniques into the domain name registration system.

It will also show delegates a number of different investigative techniques that can be used whilst investigating a website.

4 - Computer Security & Footprints
This will introduce to the delegates the various software options that can be used the make a computer more secure whilst accessing the internet. It will also demonstrate what footprint is left by a computer visiting a website, who can view it and how it can be altered.

It will also demonstrate to delegates how to set up a cheap but effective standalone system for use in their investigations and introduce the delegates to the use and advantage of remote desktops.

5 - Understanding Emails As An Investigative Resource
Although most people are used to receiving and reading emails, as an investigator there is so much more we should be aware of; What does the email address tell us about the person sending it? Where were they when they sent the email? Where are they when they receive an email from us? Most of these questions can be answered using the techniques demonstrated and in the practical scenarios given to the delegates to undertake.

6 - Understanding Social Networking Sites As An Investigative Resource
Whilst many people are well used to using Facebook or Twitter, there is much more that the effective internet investigator should be aware of, so they can access the maximum amount of information from a social networking account, even if that account has privacy settings in place, restricting access to it.

This will also introduce the delegates to a number of other techniques which can be used whilst investigating social networking sites and to some of the other social networking sites that are used by individuals that may be of interest to an investigator.

7 – Legal, Policy & Ethical Issues, Using Audit Trails During An Inquiry & Preparing Your Evidence For Use In The Legal System
Whilst not a law course, this section will introduce the delegates to the key bits of legislation in the UK that they should be aware of when making online enquiries. It also covers issues around the need for a proper policy & structure within an organisation where these enquiries are undertaken and the ethical issues connected with it.

Delegates will also see demonstrated a number of ways of how to keep a record of not only where information was located but how it was located, saved in a structured and provable manner. And how this can then be introduced as evidence into a court/legal system.

8 - Tasking, The Intelligence Cycle & Dealing With / Grading Intelligence From Open Source Resources
This introduces delegates to tasking and the intelligence cycle in relation to undertaking online investigations. It also covers dealing with and grading intelligence from online resources within a number of different intelligence systems and also highlights the additional issues that need to be considered when evaluating intelligence from online enquiries.

9 - Databases & How To Use Them As An Investigative Resource
The majority of the information on the internet is not going to be located by someone only using a search engine. This will introduce delegates to the deep web and some techniques in how to use a number of different types of databases, to maximise the amount of information on an individual, property or company.

10 - Other Online Investigative Resources
The last section introduces delegates to a number of other online investigative resources, from meta data and QR Codes to the dark net and the internet of things.

Timetables & Course Accreditation
The timetables for our courses are available to view as a pdf by clicking the below links;

          1 Day Introduction To OSINT Course
          1 Day Searching & Social Networking Course
          1 Day Electronic Tracing Course
          1 Day Database Course

          2 Day Course Timetable
          2 Day Social Networking Course Timetable
          3 Day Standard Course Timetable
          4 Day Full Course Timetable
          5 Day Advanced Course Timetable

          Course Recognition & Accreditation

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Over the last 8 years these competitively priced courses have been given all over the UK & various places around Europe to many hundreds of investigators, not only from law enforcement & government agencies but also to journalists & private investigators.

We offer open courses where anyone can attend, or closed courses where we are booked by an organisation, such as a police force or local authority, which is usually held at a training venue within their establishment and which they fill with their own staff.

If you are interested in arranging a training course just for your organisation then just email us for details.

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Open Courses
We also hold open courses, where anyone can attend, which are held every few months around the UK & elsewhere and are listed Here

We also regularly give presentations on this subject to interested groups, lasting from 30minutes to several hours, depending on whatever the client has requested.

If you are having a meeting or conference and want an outside speaker, then just email us for details about our availability & costs.

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