Dark Web Sites

Take care when visiting sites on the Dark Web as some sites may not be what they first appear and we take no responsibility for what happens as a result of you using the links from our website.

DarkWeb Browsers
Tor – The Onion Router - DarkWeb Browsers
I2P – Invisible Internet Project - DarkWeb Browsers
Whonix - DarkWeb Browsers
Subgraph OS - DarkWeb Browsers
TAILS – The Amnesic Incognito Live System - DarkWeb Browsers

DarkWeb List Sites
The International Anti Crime Academy (IACA) Dark Web Investigation Support - for Search, Market Place & Social Media sites

The below sites can only be accessed when you are connected to the DarkWeb .

DarkWeb Search Engines & Link Sites
DuckDuckGo - internet search engine, which doesn't track you
Ahmia - DarkWeb search engine
Russian Onion Search Engine - search engine
Candle - DarkWeb search engine
Not Evil - DarkWeb search engine
Tor Links - links to popular Tor sites under easy to access categories
Dark Web Links - links to popular Tor sites under easy to access categories

Drug Sales Sites
The Peoples Drug Store - a DarkWeb drug sales site
The Pot Shop - a DarkWeb drug sales site
CannabisUK - a UK Cannabis Supplier
CharlieUK - UK Darknet Cocaine Vendor
BitPharma - a DarkWeb drug sales site

Forum & Chat Sites
Cave Tor - various forums
Kiwi IRC - chat site

Hacker Sites
Rent-A-Hacker - a Hacker offering his services

Leaked Document Sites
Forbidden Content - censored documents from around the world

News Sites
Flashlight - a Dark Web news site, offering non mainstream news & views
ProPublica - a Dark Web news site

Other Sites
OnionWallet - a Dark Web site, offers cryptocurrency wallet services

Sales Sites
Euro Guns - DarkWeb gun sales site
UK Guns & Ammo Store - UK gun sales site
Black Market Guns - DarkWeb gun sales site
AA Black Market - Russian black market sales site for guns, drugs & documents
Counterfeiting Center - counterfeit sites for passports, cards & currency
UK Passports - a UK passport sales site
USA Citizenship - a Dark Web site selling USA documents, including USA passports, Social Security Number, Drivers License and Birth Certificates
Premium Cards - site offering credit / debit cards

Social Media Sites
Galaxy2 - a Dark Web social media site

Wiki Pages
The Hidden Wiki - with many useful links to different DarkWeb sites

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