European Social Media Sites & Links

East European Related Site - VK (search page, password recovery, account number search & Google search page) password recovery account number / name linked search

If you are researching a VK account and have located the VK Account User ID, then you can add it to the following links, replacing the xxx with the VK Account User ID, which may identify some additional details of the account user;

East European Related Site - OK (front page, Google search page & password recovery) password recovery

French Related Site - SkyRock (front page & Google search page)

Spanish Speaking Regions - Taringa (front page & Google search page)

Norwegian Site - biip (in Norwegian & account needed to gain access) is Norway’s largest social network

Polish Related Site - NK (in Polish and an account needed to gain access, front page & Google search page)

Latvian Related Site - Draugiem (front page & Google search page)

Translation Sites

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