Training Tasks

The below are links to some of the pages used during our training courses.

If you are interested in our training, then please email us for details.

Search Tasks                                 Search Tasks 1                      Search Tasks 2                     Search Tasks 3

Things To Search                           Odd Searches 1                     Odd Searches 2

Date & Time                                   Demo Page 1                         Demo Page 2

Hidden Content                              Demo Page 1                         Demo Page 2                       Demo Page 3

Domain & Website Tasks               Tasks Page                        

Photograph EXIF Research            Exif Search Demo Page         Exif Search Task Page

Reverse Images Searches             Demo Logo Searches             Task People Searching

Photograph Research                    No Exif Demo Search Page     No Exif Task Search Page

Email Research                              Email Tasks Page

False Persona Accounts                 False Persona Tasks Page

Social Media Research 1                Flickr Tasks                            Instagram Tasks                Video Sites Tasks

Social Media Research 2                Twitter Tasks                         Facebook Tasks                  LinkedIn Tasks

Social Media Research 3                Other Social Media Tasks

Database Searches                        Database Tasks

Forum & Gaming Type Sites          Forum & Gaming Research Tasks

Online Sales & Auction Sites          Online Sales & Auction Sites Tasks

Other Online Resources                 Other Online Tasks

Dark Web                                       Dark Web Tasks

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