Useful Twitter Sites & Links

Twitter Guidelines For Law Enforcement can be found Here

TweetBeaver - The Best Third Party Twitter Research Tool

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Location Details (Twitter has now removed the Precise Location function from a Tweet)

Turn A Twitter Account Name Into A Twitter ID Number

Turn A Twitter ID Number Into The Current Twitter Account Name

Mutual Followers / Following

Analyse Account Followers / Following

Other Useful Sites

Deleted Tweets From Politicians

Password Reset / Link An Email Address To Twitter

Video Download Sites

Other Twitter Linked Sites - add a Twitter ID Number to the end of the address bar to find that users current Twitter Username - a site that enables you to receive an email alert of tweets containing any keyword - allows you to search tweets in two different languages at the same time - save tweets to pdf, xls etc - Twittimer used to be known as FutureTweets, and allows you to send your Twitter messages at a specific time in the future - real time trends shown on a map

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